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Sports Horse Racing and Horse Tipping Peter Willis told us his story about how he came to creat Front Runner Bets, maybe this is the method you’ve been searching for. This service is the dark horse of tipping. Most people have no idea this service exists but the ones who do, LOVE IT. Not until late 2012, when he  was a professional sports commentator within the field of horse racing. In fact, if you followed horse racing any time between 1998 and 2012, you most likely heard his voice on the radio he said.

For the most part, his job was a lot of fun. He went to all the parties; rubbed shoulders with the riders, owners and anybody who was anybody within horse racing. Networking was always pretty superficial, though. There were only a couple of people within the industry whom he actually considered friends. Those people he trusted. Anyone else would have stabbed him on the back for a step up the career ladder or a hot betting tip.  So, after more than a decade in this superficial industry, he decided to quit and try his hand at professional betting.

After so many years in the business, he developed a keen eye for a winner, friends would call seeking  advice on how to bet...That he did making some  money for them, and for himself. Peter Willis also said that In his first month of professional betting he made £11,092! That was substantially more than what his monthly salaryused to be, he concluded. However, if you would like to try some of Peter Willis great idea about horse racing follow some of the links below.